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Ozone Generators for cars, buses and trucks

Air conditioner, cabin and storage space disinfectant, deodorant and mould destroyer


In rarely cleaned air conditioners, different types of harmful microorganisms might spread (for example: legionella, mould fungi), which can easily cause unpleasant symptoms. Superficial cleaning of the seat fabric may result in the spread of mould, that can also cause similar problems. With the Ozone Generator, you can get rid of unpleasant smells in the car, as the Ozone destroys all those molecules that might cause them.

Due to its gas state, the Ozone can spread throughout the whole AC system, fills up the whole cabin and disinfects all the surfaces, even the fabric of the seat. Ozone is 50 times more effective and 3000 times faster than chlorine. Therefore, our Ozone Generators can perform quickly and effectively, even on surfaces thought to be unreachable.




For the deodorization and disinfection of your vehicle’s cabin, storage space and AC, we recommend the following products. After you finished your car, you can even use them at your house, office or garage…


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Become our Distributor and improve your company with really innovative products. Don't walk past the advantages of ozone technology. Wide range of applications, huge potention with ozone.