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Ozone Generator and Air Purifier for offices and community spaces

We spend most of our time in closed areas.


Recurring problems:

  • In case of a viral infection, the pathogen infects the whole community
  • Without regularly cleaning the air conditioner, respiratory diseases appear, as the different bacteria, viruses and mould spores multiply easily (for example: legionella)
  • Poor air quality results in reduced activity and concentration, also tiredness and headaches appear

Poor air quality and pathogens may appear in any community spaces: workplaces, libraries, schools…


Protect the health and work capability of the community with fresh, clean air and environment!
Charge up your colleagues for the better efficiency!

How to achieve this?

Ozone destroys any airborne and surface viruses, bacteria, mould, unpleasant odors, parasites (for example: dust mite) with great effectiveness, than turns back into Oxygen.

Furthermore, the HOME 360 device comes with even more features, like continuous air treatment with ionization function and UV light… 5 protective function in 1 device!


We recommend the following Ozone generators especially for You:

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