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OZONEGENERATORS for medical offices, wating rooms

In medical offices and waiting rooms, it is especially important to maintain a hygienic environment, for example: a GP's office, a dentist's office, a hospital treatment room. This is compounded by regular ozone treatment, used in addition to general cleaning, which reaches hard-to-reach places without hindrance. Due to its gas state, it also reaches surfaces that cannot be disinfect with conventional chemicals.

Our OZONEGENERATOR devices are able to neutralize bacteria and viruses that spread in waiting rooms.

With ozone treatment, a clean and sterile environment can be achieved faster and more efficiently than with any conventional chemical cleaning. The room air and the surfaces are disinfected without chemicals: the device produces ozone from the air, which is converted back to oxygen at the end of the process. So you don’t have to be afraid of chemical residues or pungent odors.



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