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Ozone Generators for Hotels, Apartments, Guesthouses…

Avoid the negative ratings and use an Ozone Generator to destroy pathogens, mould and get rid of cigarette smoke!

Stopping a bed bug invasion will not be a problem anymore!

Chemical free disinfection procedure, with the enormous power of Ozone:

50 times more effective and 3000 times faster than chlorine” (Wikipedia). Due to its gas state, it can easily reach any surface in the target area, it can even reach the fabric of mattresses, curtains, carpets and couches. It stops the parasites, viruses and bacteria from spreading…

Don’t let your guest to take bed bugs home as souvenirs! Avoid the allergic seizure caused by the dust mites in the fabric! On booking portals, negative ratings appear faster than you would think!

Choose and advertise the hygiene of your rooms!

We recommend the products:

  • To every hotel, apartment, guesthouse or other type of accommodation owners, who wants to ensure complete hygiene with the use of modern technology. To every owner, who want their guests to leave satisfied and happy.
  • To those, who travel a lot, stay in different accommodations and are not sure that these are completely pathogen free.
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Become our Distributor and improve your company with really innovative products. Don't walk past the advantages of ozone technology. Wide range of applications, huge potention with ozone.