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UV2CLEAN Uni150 UV-C sterilizer lamp 150W

154€ + VAT
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Model: UVC-AR-UNI-C-150W
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150W UV-C sterilizer lamp without Ozone output, for up to 85m2 room

A double fluorescent floor lamp that can be used to neutralize and deodorize the surfaces of rooms, halls and other rooms, which cleans with the power of UV-C without emitting ozone gas.


Pathogens in the frequently used surfaces of the room, office, community space?


It is also necessary to use a regular and rapid disinfection procedure during the day, which in many cases must be demonstrated.



Is there only few minutes between two patients in the doctor's office? Are there 2 meetings in a row in the same meeting room?

UV-C technology can also provide a solution for such and similar cases.

Learn about the drastic disinfecting effect of UV-C light!

Ultraviolet or ultraviolet radiation (UV radiation for short) has a lower wavelength than visible light (400-780 nm) but longer than X-rays (0.01-100 nm); electromagnetic radiation in the range of 180 to 400 nanometers. The origin of the word is that the color of light with the smallest wavelength but still visible is violet (Latin: viola).



UV2CLEAN Uni60 UV-C sterilizer lamp

The operating wavelength of the device is the special 253.7 nm so:

perfectly ideal for an efficient disinfection process 
Disinfection, deodorization, formaldehyde neutralization by UV-C light


you can save time as there is no ozone gas production,
thus, there is no need to wait for ozone depletion after treatment, nor is ventilation required

 ►With a power of 60W, it is suitable for handling a room of 85 m2.

► Double fluorescent lamp

► Delayed start for increased safety:
     After setting the treatment time, you have 15 seconds to leave the room.

► Operating time: maximum 60 minutes


What is the largest room (room, office ...) in which you will apply the power of UV-C light?

Select the device and the duration of treatment:



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