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Filter package for OZONEGENERATOR Home 360 devices

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Model: OG-HE-250-FILT
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Carbon and HEPA filter

For OZONEGENERATOR Home 360 devices

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Ozone sheets for HOME 360 devices Ozone plates for OZONEGENERATOR HOME 360 devices
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HEPA- and CARBON FILTER set Spare parts package for Ozonegenerator Home 360 devices

Regular and periodic maintenance is required for the air purifier to function properly. When used in a highly polluted area, the filters and the ozone sheets will degrade faster. This may happen in 4 weeks or in 1 year. For the best efficiency, the maintenance processes contained in the user’s manual have to be done regularly. With this filter package you can change the complete filter system of the device, however it does not include the ozone sheets, if those have to be changed, you will have to order them separately.
Order of filters in the Home 360 device:
Hepa és karbon szűrő csomag
  • Photocatalytic filter: metal mesh designed filter, out of the three sockets, it goes to the inside slot, closest to the UV light source.
  • Carbon filter: the black carbon filter goes to the middle socket.
  • HEPA filter: the white HEPA filter is folded in the shape of an accordion and it goes to the outer slot of the device.
Active charcoal deodorization:
The active charcoal filter is able to neutralize most of the odors from the air that is flowing through the device. Depending on the usage and the contamination level, the carbon filter has to be changed every 6-12 months.
Photocatalytic filtering:
The TiO2 photocatalytic filter, illuminated with UV light, is able to destroy most of the viruses, bacteria and mold spores in the air.
HEPA filtering:
The washable HEPA filter is able to filter out 99.97% of the dust and other molecules that are bigger than 0.3 μm. It is recommended to clean the HEPA filter every 1-2 months (blow it out and wash it with water) and we suggest to change it every 6-12 months, depending on the usage and the contamination level.


Csomag tartalma 1 db HEPA szűrő, 1 db Karbon szűrő


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