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7g Ozone plate for OZONEGENERATOR Chrome devices

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Model: OG-HE-144-154-PLATE
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Spare part for ozone generators with 7 g/h ozone output

Compatible with OZONEGENERATOR Chrome 14000 (HE-154) and Chrome 28000 (HE-144) devices.


Ozone is generated with the help of the Ozone sheet. If you notice that the cleaning efficiency decreased, it is recommended to change the sheet. The estimated lifetime of the Ozone sheet is 1 year or 1000 working hours, however in some cases it may be necessary to change them sooner. 

This Ozone plate is compatible with HE-154 and HE-144 devices. NOTE: HE-154 devices contain 2 Ozone plates, while HE-144 devices contain 4 Ozone plates!


Dimensions 90 x 110 mm
Ozone output 7 g/h
Material porcelain
Compatible with Chrome 14000 (HE-154) and Chrome 28000 (HE-144) devices.


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