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Standing together to protect the health of children

The Játékdzsungel indoor play centre of Szeged ensures complete hygiene with an OZONEGENERATOR device

From May 30th, the laugh of children will finally break the silence, and the Játékdzsungel indoor play centre and nursery will be filled with life again. To ensure the fun and the cleanliness, the whole place is being disinfected with OZONEGENERATOR devices.

What can the families expect? László Jakucs, the manager of Játékdzsungel answered: fun and the utmost protection. In these difficult times, these two cannot exist without each other and they are both equally important. They can ensure a safe play environment to make the children’s day colorful and happy, and or this, he appreciates the help of the OZONEGENERATOR team.

The curfew, introduced because of the coronavirus caused significant problems for the families with small children. Nurseries, kindergartens, schools and playgrounds were closed down. Thousands of children couldn’t move enough to use all of the energies they had and its known that this is essential for their physical and mental development. In these difficult times, mothers and fathers had to stay at home and come up with different imaginative ideas to keep the children busy. Although kindergarten and school teachers tried to help families online, all efforts proved to be insufficient, because the children simply missed the social life and the diversity.








In the meantime, the team of Játékdzsungel, worked tirelessly to prepare for the reopening. Then, the restrictions were finally eased and the children could meet and play with each other again, of course with proper precautions. Keeping the safety regulations are essential, because the pathogens spread the fastest in community. As László explained, the most important was that the children could enjoy themselves completely, while the parents don’t have to worry about the health risks and their safety. He and his team did everything possible to ensure a safe environment: they painted the place, washed the rugs and placed hand sanitizers to multiple locations. During open hours, they clean and disinfect the surfaces multiple times a day. They are extremely happy for the OZONEGENERATOR devices, because they can disinfect all the toys and equipment very effectively.






Gabriella Süli, the representative of the OZONEGENERATOR team explained, that thanks to its gas state, the Ozone fills up the entire target area and it can even penetrate the fabric of the rugs. Ozone disinfects every little part of the toys, slides and other equipment. All they need to do is to start the Ozone treatment with the proper concentration before closing, and the Ozone will do its job and neutralize the bacteria and viruses. The Ozone treatment is a completely chemical-free process, because the device creates Ozone from the air and these molecules transform back into Oxygen after the treatment. With this process, the play centre can wait the children in a completely hygienic environment every morning.





The OZONEGENERATOR team is extremely happy to help ensuring the health of these children and their families by reducing the spread of viruses and bacteria. Thanks to this cooperation, both children and parents can enjoy this clean, hygienic environment.






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