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New Ozonegenerators enlisted in the service of health

New Ozonegenerators enlisted in the service of health

Author of the article: OZONEGENERATOR

Today, we had the pleasure to meet with one of the “knights”, who fights against the coronavirus every day. It is an honor that Dr. Zsolt Kusper, the president of the National Ambulance Service came to our company personally to pick up the ozone generators they ordered



Thanks to the NAS, 50 pieces of BLUE 7000 Ozonegenerator will serve the needs of ambulance workers.

All of these devices can be used immediately to help fighting the pandemic, to disinfect the ambulances, therefore keeping the staff and the patients safe.

Supporting healthcare workers is extremely important to our company, therefore we consider the NAS our priority partner and we ensured Dr. Zsolt Kusper that he can rely on our support in the future as well and we offer a permanent discount of all devices.

We would like to thank the trust he put in our company and we sincerely appreciate all the hard work of the healthcare workers, especially that of the ambulance staff and their supporters!

All members of the team wishes You all good health!




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