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OZONEGENERATOR Chrome 28000 with 3 year warranty, From EU stock

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Model: HE-144-H
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Ozone generator machine with 28g/h Ozone output


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7g Ozone plate for OZONEGENERATOR Chrome devices 7g Ozone plate for OZONEGENERATOR Chrome devices
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OZONEGENERATOR Chrome 28000 – Ozone Generator device for up to 440 m2


The OZONEGENERATOR Chrome 28000 is a device with timer, 4 big Ozone plates and 28 g/h Ozone output. It has 4 different modes: 7 g/h, 14 g/h, 21 g/h and 28 g/h Ozone output. The OZONEGENERATOR Chrome 28000 can be used on multiple fields, like: larger halls, warehouses, factories or in houses for example after painting, fire- or flood damage. Furthermore, it is excellent for the deodorization and disinfection of vehicles’ cabins and AC systems.


Ozone Generators are excellent weapons against viruses, bacteria, mould, fungi, parasites and unpleasant odors. It leaves only pleasant, fresh smell after itself, like a nice spring rain.





Choose this Ozone Generator if…

At home:

  • You have bigger than average rooms (above 50 m2) and you had problems with mould in the past.
  • You want to disinfect surfaces that are hard to reach.


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Use this Ozone Generator…      

  • In medical offices, waiting rooms
  • In offices, meeting rooms.
  • Hotels, restaurants
  • In changing rooms, showers or in any sport facilities.



  • Warehouses, factories, pens 
  • Disinfection of agricultural vehicles

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Don’t forget, Ozone is much more effective than chlorine. Furthermore, it can reach any surface, so you can keep the whole target area completely clean. With regular use, its price will quickly pay off and you save not only money, but time as well.


Why is it better to purchase directly from the importer? 

- Almost 10 years of experience on the field of ozone generators
- Professional customer service: we can give you comprehensive information about how and where to use the device
- Complete stock of devices, accessories and parts
- Fast guarantee service, directly in our dealership


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Recommended use:  


  1. Get rid of the odor sources (contamination, trash, etc.) !
  2. Take out every living being from the target area, because the inhalation of Ozone is harmful!
  3. Seal the target area!
  4. Place the Ozone Generator near the strongest odor source. Make sure that nothing is blocking the device and the air can flow freely through it!
  5. Set the timer of the Ozone Generator and leave the target area!
  6. After finishing the treatment, wait at least 30 minutes, while the Ozone molecules are neutralized.
  7. Air the target area out!


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Why would you miss the advantages of Ozone Technology?

 Apply to become a distributor and expand your product range with devices that mean quick and effective solutions for problems on multiple fields!




 We really can't convince you, can we? Do you need more information about the OZONEGENERATOR?




Ozone plate size 4 pcs of 90x110 mm
Power supply AC 220-240 V/50-60 Hz
Power consumption 180 W
Airflow Max. 4,8 m3/min
Active ozone output 7-14-21-28 g/hour
Noise level 50 dB
Size 202x379x215 mm
Weight 6,3 kg
Warranty 3 year


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