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AIR2FRESH Antiviral Ultimate 55 Air Purifier with 4-stage Filter system, Ionizing function, UV-C light, humidifier and Wi-Fi, for 54 m2

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Air purifiers directly from the importer,


With Ionization + UV-C light + Double (right and left) 4-stage filter system:
Cold Catalyst filter, Antibacterial/silver ion filter, Honeycomb Activated Carbon filter,  HEPA H13 filter

With adjustable Gear, Intelligent sensor, Automatic mode, Night mode, Timer, Child Lock feature, Touch Panel and Remote Control,
+ Wi-Fi

for rooms of approx. 54 m2, with 488 m3/hour CADR capacity.




Why is clean air important to You? 

Research have already shown that indoor air can be twice or even five times more polluted than outdoor air.

With clean air, you may generally feel better, your heart rate may drop - therefore it is easier for you to relax. It may also help with your coughing, it relieves the symptoms of asthma and allergies and thanks to clean air, it is less likely to develop respiratory diseases.

What is in the air that could be harmful?


Including but not limited to: animal hair, mites, dust, smog, tobacco smoke, pollen, formaldehyde, mould and other fungal spores, bacteria or viruses. The concentration of these harmful elements in the air may vary, but the point is ultimately the same: it is for our own good to ensure that we don't get too much of them in our system. It doesn't matter if we live in a village or in a big city, we can always do something for a cleaner and more hygienic air!

Why is professional air purification important?

Premium quality air purification devices use an internal fan to circulate the air in the room while passing it through a complex filtering system. The filters of the device can purify the air with great efficiency in a passive or an active way. 

·  It can bind the dust molecules and the larger airborne contaminations

·  It can neutralize different organic compounds (aerosols, fumes, combustion profucts and gases)

·  It may destroy various microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, spores)

·  It creates clean air

The purified air may reduce the chance of infecting the whole family during a viral or bacterial infection, but it definitely helps people with allergies, asthma or those who have a weaker immune system like elders or children. What may be important for all of us: clean air makes breathing easier, makes people feel better in general, reduces allergy symptoms, improves sleeping quality and reduces the chance of getting infections or diseases!

Where can You use it?


The number of applications is endless, as it is important to keep ourselves healthy everywhere we go:

HOME: An average person spends most of their time at home, therefore it is imperative to have clean and fresh air there for a good night's sleep.

OFFICE: The other place where we spend most of our time is at work, so naturally we have to aim for hygienic air there too. Not to even mention that the clean air and environment result in better productivity!

NURSERIES, SCHOOLS: The health of our children is the most important, unfortunately they are especially exposed to diseases and other dangers.

RETIREMENT HOME: Sadly, they are the other group of people who are exposed to a large number of dangers, if we don't take good care about their environment.

FACTORIES: In the majority of factories, there are always some kind of harmful substances getting into the air that could endanger the health of the workers. Smoke, heavy metal particles, dust, chemicals, and other dangers are often present in these circumstances…

HOSPITALS, DOCTOR'S OFFICES: There is no need for an explanation, it is of the utmost importance to ensure a clean and hygienic environment in these places, but it is also the hardest to keep them clean.

ACCOMODATIONS: Naturally, the guests need to enjoy their stay in hotels and other accomodations. For this, we need to ensure a clean and fresh air in the whole building.


AIR2FRESH Antiviral Ultimate 55 Air Purifier

With double (right and left) 4-stage filter system, Ionization, UV-C light, Wi-Fi and
PM 2.5 sensorfor rooms of approx. 54 m2





In what way does each filter contribute to the clean and hygienic air?



As the air is passing through the device, this filter catalyzes the ammonia, benzene, TVOC, hydrogen, sulfur and other harmful gases and breaks them down into water and carbon dioxide.


The antibacterial / silver ion filter is one of the most unique and most efficient passive part of the whole filter system. The silver colloid reacts violently with the hydrogen sulfide groups in the microorganisms, causing the structure of the cells passing through it to completely disintegrate and the enzymes to become inoperable. By destroying these enzymes, it causes the viruses, bacteria and fungi that come in contact with it to be unable to absorb oxygen, causing the germs to suffocate within 3-6 minutes. Thanks to this, the microorganisms are not able to build up a resistance against silver ion. The filter effectively kills viruses and bacteria, disinfects the air and prevents fungal growth.


The honeycomb activated carbon filter draws the flying contaminations to itself and binds them on its surface. It neutralizes particles like the volatile organic compounds (VOC), the airborne chemicals and molecules that are responsible for unpleasant odors.


The HEPA-filter was originally developed by NASA, but now the technology is available to anyone. The HEPA H13 filter is able to filter out 99,97% of the particles in the air, even those that are as small as 0,3 micron.


What does this efficiency mean in practice?
Lets compare the properties of the different harmful particles in the air:



With an even stronger effect for the clean air

UV-C light

The ultraviolet radiation (UV-radiation for short) is an electromagnectic radiation with wavelength between 180-400 nanometer, which is lower than visible light (400-780 nm), but higher than X-Rays (0,01-100 nm). Its name comes from the color of the light with the lowest wavelength that's still visible. UV-C light: the so-called low-wavelength or germicidal radiation, which
is in the range of 200 to 280 nm.

UV-C light is one of the most powerful sterilizing, disinfecting, bactericidal light. High-energy UV-C radiation triggers a photochemical reaction. This special radiation with 253,7 nm wavelength is absorbed by the cell nucleic acid and depending on the dose, it results in the targeted damage of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, fungi and mould. There is no ozone gas production above 250 nm!




Negative ions are particles that are formed by the uptake of electrons. They draw the different airborne contaminations to themselves, effectively reduce the number of dust, pollen and other small particles in the air. The ionization feature enhances the feeling of fresh and clean air.



What positive effects may air with a high negative ion content have?

For example: It can stimulate brain activity, the ability to concentrate and it can improve memory. It generally makes people feel better, helps with the blood circulation and may prevent the growth of bacteria.


Additional feature: Humidification

 With the help of this feature, we can keep the ideal humidity at home, which helps with coughing, dry nose and on higher humidity, we are less exposed to pathogens.


We can add essential oil into the water tank, adding its healthy effects to the advantages of the device





Outstanding functions of  AIR2FRESH Antiviral Ultimate 55

Intelligent sensor, PM2.5 indicator
that is able to detect and indicate the degree of air contamination. Once particles that are smaller than 2.5 μm got into the lung, they are almost impossible to be excreted from the system. The device is able to indicate the current air pollution, taking even the smallest particles into consideration.



► Automatic mode,
which adjusts the speed of the fan according to the current air pollution.

Night mode
 in this mode, the device reduces it's noise level and darkens the display, so it would not disturb your rest.

Adjustable fan speed

Touch panel and remote control
for the comfortable control

Child lock
(locks the touch panel)

with which you can set the deactivation time of the device.


The device has a Wi-Fi feature, which allows us to control it comfortably with our phone.



Combine the advantages of the air purifier and the ozone gas for the best possible hygiene level!

Create maximum air and surface hygiene with the OZONEGENERATOR devices, even on surfaces thought to be unreachable
keep up the hygienic air with the AIR2FRESH air purifier! 


How can you purchase the device?

- Choose a payment method that is the most suitable for you: Bank transfer (transfer in advance), Online payment with credit card, or COD (Cash on Delivery)
- Choose a delivery method that is the most suitable for you: Delivery with Express One courier, pick up the package at an Express One parcel point drop off location at one of the 160 OMV gas stations.

- Free delivery even for the next working day!

 Add the device to the cart to experience the air purification power of the AIR2FRESH brand.

If you are having doubts, give the device a try now with 30 days money back guarantee!

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CADR 488 m3/h
CFM 288
Ion number 20.000.000/cm3
Noise level max 55 dB
Power 85W
Applicable area 54 m2
Warranty 2 év


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